Meet your power needs using any available natural resources.

Forest Builder are a specialised off-grid renewable energy company with the expertise to provide services across the globe, to develop, engineer, construct and operate projects that contribute to our goal of a low carbon, sustainable future.

We have been in the industry for over 15 years, contributing to the development of the off-grid global renewable energy market. We are pioneers of hybridised power, developing and promoting sustainable technology in a new light.

We operate globally to deliver a green energy solution wherever required.

Operating across a range of innovative low-carbon technologies, our capabilities cover everything from project inception to power generation and plant operation. Sustainability lies at the core of our values; balancing commercial, environmental and social concerns to address the world’s energy problems is what makes us different.

From a simple solar powered light and mobile phone charging point to fully autonomous power stations for villages and farms,

Forest Builder can provide you with Power, Anywhere...